ROR, Rails what do I think?

31 03 2008

Some of my collegues likes Rails, I see some of their points

  • No need to worry about frameworks
    • Rails comes boxed with a persistance framework
  • They have great support for test, by generating unit tests as default, for controller and functional tests for view and Integration test.
  • They claim fast development(which seems to be true in the beginning anyways)

So I really like the testing part, that it’s all served for you, in java we have archetypes or mojos if you use maven. But still it still does’nt have the complete feeling that Rails has with it’s test, it just feels a little more TDD friendly or at least right now.

Being a consultant that has tried a lot of languages, i’ve tired of learning new languages, or at least im very critical about it. I mean why should I switch from java, I know that there are some things bothering people. But heey the grass is always greener on the otherside. And when it comes to it, you never get the perfect solution. What you can do is minimalize how bothered you are by this by selecting whats right for you.

Which brings me to the down sides of Rails as I see it and as I know(I know very little of Rails):

  • No markup inheritance
  • No real mvc, you can actually have functional code in your rhtml
  • And when it comes to it, you really have to worry about frameworks, for testing, ajax etc

All these concerns bring me to the conclusion that, I would like to stick to this stack:


I guess I arent that critiacal about the persistance layer or the IOC but I feel that wicket really has hit the right spot!

And that I foresee that projects where you use Rails, will probably take off quick and the slow down as the project becomes more complex.

Since I like complex projects, I don’t really see me following that path..




One response

9 04 2008

Had a small discussion about the markup inheritance, and it is actually possible.

Also one of the real pains when switching language are that you need to know about build environment, class hierachy etc for that language..

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