Doing Screen casts

3 09 2008

Doing a screen cast aren’t that hard, theres a lot of software out there, but you have to pay for it. For around 90$ you can get Screenflow, mac only for less you can get snapzshots which are both for mac and windows. Just remember to clean up your desktop, or use an extra monitor to record from.

However an really really important thing to note are whats the purpose of your screencast, do you need people to actually see what you are doing on screen like and command prompt etc? How will you share the screencast, there are lots of ways like google, youtube etc.. But they all convert your screencast into a lowever resolution. And in my case I need people to actually be able to see what I am doing. So how does one solve this? Well two ways, either record your screencast in a resolution closer to what it gets converted to, or host the screencast yourself.. Vimeo actually offers a hd solution for videos, it might be an option to preserve your screen cast at optimal resolution.

This is just some notes:




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