new stuff in Wicketstuff OpenLayers integration

9 12 2008

So I’ve added a few things and done a cleanup on the Wicketstuff OpenLayers integration.

  • We are now using JTS ( directly.
  • You are now able to draw geometry’s using the new DrawListenerBehavior
    • Geom’s are pushed to java using JTS
  • Remove the drawControl using the RemoveDrawControl behavior.

Heres some screens :



FeedBack from serverside (just outputting the WKT of the geom)

interaction 01

Using a little JTS:

A little JTS power

And if you’re wondering why is this cool? Well because above interactions are passed to server side, using the Wicketstuff Openlayers integration requires no knowledge of javascript, its wrapped nicely for you.

Heres the link to a little more about the library:

And if you combine this with hibernate spatial, you can since hibernate spatial supports JTS.. You have a really cool simple GIS system 🙂




6 responses

10 12 2008
Peter Neubauer

Great stuff Nino,
can’t wait to start playing around with it!


11 05 2009


I’m checking your project, because we need to use OpenLayers and we are using wicket.
I think the project is very interesting and I whould like to know if you have any implementation for Boxes or the other vector objects in the project.
I need to add paths and polygons, but I don’t know if is already implemented in the project or if I have to implement my our solution.


22 05 2009

Hi Alberto

Paths arent implemented, I think polygons are (geometry’s)…

20 05 2009

I would like to know if you are currently working in this project and if you have planned to create a new release soon.
I want to use the project in our applications and probably I’ll have to add new features as Vectors, etc… For this reason I would like to know if you are working in the project currently, to know if you already have this implementation.


22 05 2009

Im not active one the project currently.. I could be persuaded however… 🙂

Implementing new stuff arent that hard.. But I’ll like to bring on more people to the project, since im not using it directly anymore … So please contact me to get involved.

9 10 2010
OpenLayers Wicket integration updated |

[…] Read more about it on Nino’s blog. […]

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