WicketStuff Artwork new release

26 05 2009

Ever tired of using endless hours of css’ing just to find out that what you did breaks in IE.. WicketStuff Artwork is all about making your wicket site turn into art, easy. It’s a package consisting of two modules

  1. Liquid
  2. NiftyCornersCube

Both modules will let you do round corners on containers simple and easy, just add a behavior to your wicket component or your page and thats it.
Liquid will let you do all sorts of advanced stuff with your markup containers, for example add a shadowed border, see this screenshot:

Liquid Examples

Liquid Examples

NiftyCornersCube are really quick to render and requires less cpu processing so it has some advantages but are also very limited in effects. See here:

Nifty Examples

Nifty Examples

You can grab the latest snapshot release here:

And see howto checkout the examples here:

Basically it’s just this svn url:
But you should check out the whole wicketstuff core in order to build dependencies.

Now please come with more ideas and JS libs to add to the Artwork package 🙂 I want to see some comments on how to improve it 🙂

Regards Nino




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