Eclipse 3.2 And Subversive

3 07 2009

Seems like gremlins in my machine, first time we at work did a branch the branch received changes from trunk. But did not push stuff back to trunk. Merging was simple since the branch always was up to date with trunk and only had a few changes..

Some time passed and we tried doing a new branch, a few problems, but at last we finally made the branch. Worked with it, but now subversive and tortoise refuses to merge the branch back again! I’ve tried a million things. In the end I checked out trunk removed the affected parts and added the ones from the branch and commitet those again. Just to get our system into working order..

My primary suspicion now are that doing branches are very affected by which svn provider you chose, nothings confirmed, but I know we’ve switched providers since the first successful branching.

Any other experiencing troubles with this ancient version of eclipse & subversive?




One response

6 07 2009
Guðmundur Bjarni

When dealing with branch merging in SVN, I whole heartedly recommend that you use git. 🙂

Git provides a SVN bridge so that you can check out the SVN repository directly, make the merge with git and have git commit the merge back to Subversion.

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