Connecting to db_cra uccx 8

3 06 2010

So im trying to connect to db_cra on a uccx 8, and it turned out to be a litte harder than expectet. In the cisco documentation the Informix database should be called something like hostname_uccx. In our case our servers are named SERVERNAME-number so the informix name should be SERVERNAME-number_uccx, thats not the case.

Heres the recipe:

Find the real name of the informix server: run this on your uccx CLI:

file dump inactivelog /uccx/log/db/uccx_repl_output_util.log

Go to the last page using SPACE and look for something like this:

2010-05-14 22:00:23,242 - uccxdb.util - DEBUG - getservers processing
2010-05-14 22:00:23,244 - uccxdb.util - DEBUG - getservers: processing line g_poc5_uccx8_uccx group           -               -               i=1
2010-05-14 22:00:23,244 - uccxdb.util - DEBUG - getservers: processing line poc5_uccx8_uccx onsoctcp POC5-UCCX8 poc5_uccx8_uccx g=g_poc5_uccx8_uccx b=32767
2010-05-14 22:00:23,245 - uccxdb.util - DEBUG - The servers are [['poc5_uccx8_uccx'], ['g_poc5_uccx8_uccx']]
2010-05-14 22:00:23,453 - uccxdb.util - DEBUG - Setting property to CTI-JTAPI on poc5_uccx8_uccx

And that’s it. So in our case our server got lower cased and underscored, “poc5_uccx8_uccx”.

If you want you can use the ibm JDBC driver ( and the SQL squirrel (




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21 12 2010

Interesting post!
I’m about to get started with v8.0, but haven’t had time to set up a lab system yet. Could you tell me how user credentials are created to access the Informix db?

24 12 2010

Sure its through the app administration interface,ill. See if i can digg up an screenshot

8 06 2011

Have you had any joy creating new stored procedures on UCCX 8? I have managed to connect to Informix using the JDBC driver and using SQL Workbench/J but unfortunately whenever I create a new stored procedure (even one copied from an existing sp such as sp_csq_activity but named as sp_csq_activity2), it is created as the uccxhruser but then it appears to be cleaned up after a little while, so attempting to run using something like:

call sp_csq_activity2(‘2011-06-01 00:00:00’, TODAY)

…results in

Cannot read system catalog (sysprocedures). [SQL State=IX000, DB Errorcode=-211]
Next: ISAM error: key value locked [SQL State=IX000, DB Errorcode=-144]

The original installation of UCCX 8 doesn’t even let you run the grant execute statement. After a patch application, you can grant execute but nothing else works for me. Did you have any success? Do I need to create it as another user?

14 06 2011

No we are only reading from it.. For our wallboard solution…

14 06 2011

Thanks. I found the solution anyway. I have been used to other DB systems (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL), but on Informix you need to commit the changes you make. Therefore, after adding the function it needs to be committed.

Also, the grant execute needs to be committed; use the commit keyword after the grant execute command.

Additionally, a big patch from Cisco is available for UCCX 8 which fixes some issues.

11 08 2011

Hey !

I have been trying to connect to the UCCX 8.0 informix database via php .
Could you help me out in how to configure the connection between php and the database (db_cra) or any other method to retrieve data from the database. I am really stuck at this moment. Your help would mean a lot .

Thanks !

16 08 2011

Havent much expirience in PHP, so on your own there.. I guess you can use the JDBC driver there?

17 05 2013

Many thanks for the command listed above to help discover the UCCX server name. This was tramendous! and allowed me to configure Squirrel and Server Studio for my users.

Kind regards,


28 09 2015
Yasar Ahamed

Hi Nino,

Im trying to connect to the infomix DB through UCCX scripts, Pls help me with dateails on how to add the drivers, DSN

also let me knwo how i can find the port name and username password..

BTW, ur post to find the host name is a grt Help…

Yasar Ahamed

27 05 2016

port are always 1504 and user always hruser

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