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5 12 2008

i’m interesting to wicket-contrib-openlayers project but the svn repository is down. Why?

5 12 2008

Thanks for the heads up, we are rearranging the svn to structure wicketstuff, and I forgot to update the wiki.

11 12 2008

I subscribe to the wicket-user list and see posts by you frequently. That is what lead me here.

I have recently starting learning a new language (Italian) for the first time in my life, so I am “alert” as to how people use English as a second language. English is my native language.

A case-in-point would be the title of one of your entries:
“Wicket never stops to impress me”. When I read that I really had to think about the sentence. I knew something was wrong, but it took me a while to figure it out.
In American English we would say:
“Wicket never siezes to impress me” and also instead of “impress” we would use “amaze”.

Oh well, this is all in fun and just an interesting observation. For the record, Wicket “impresses” me too. I have used it on a couple applications and was “amazed” 🙂 with what I could do with it!

26 08 2009

Er, it’s ‘ceases’ actually, not ‘siezes’, as in the Italian ‘cessare’…

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