Eclipse 3.2 And Subversive

3 07 2009

Seems like gremlins in my machine, first time we at work did a branch the branch received changes from trunk. But did not push stuff back to trunk. Merging was simple since the branch always was up to date with trunk and only had a few changes..

Some time passed and we tried doing a new branch, a few problems, but at last we finally made the branch. Worked with it, but now subversive and tortoise refuses to merge the branch back again! I’ve tried a million things. In the end I checked out trunk removed the affected parts and added the ones from the branch and commitet those again. Just to get our system into working order..

My primary suspicion now are that doing branches are very affected by which svn provider you chose, nothings confirmed, but I know we’ve switched providers since the first successful branching.

Any other experiencing troubles with this ancient version of eclipse & subversive?


Integration Testing With Nortel SCE / Part 1

3 04 2009

So you are developing with the Nortel SCE and want todo integration testing. Theres no support for it in the framework itself. So we think and think. The SCE communicates via voicexml or VXML towards the MPS. This happens over http protocol, that means the we can use Jmeter to sniff the communication between MPS and SCE (JBOSS / struts). So in practice to make this work you need to setup the http proxy on jmeter and then go into the SBClient.cfg located here : C:\Program Files\Nortel Networks\SelfService\PERIvxml\config\ on a standard installation , edit these two lines:

client.inet.proxyServer VXIString localhost
client.inet.proxyPort VXIInteger 9000

Proxy server are the machine where you have jmeter running and port are the one you specified when setting up the proxy, id recommend using 9000 since the default 8080 clashes with the SCE Jboss port. After changing the parameters you need to restart the MPS service.

So there are two was of recording, on your local machine using the mock interface provided with SCE / eclipse ( execution view / WVADS ). Or on your test facility where you actually can dial in as normal, and record the scenarios. Just remember when you end Jmeter the proxy goes down aswell, meaning the MPS & SCE can no longer communicate, just comment out the 2 lines in sbclient.cfg to get it working again.


  1. Remember to switch recording controller in jmeter between scenarios. And one more thing this will only record the dialog between SCE and MPS, not the audio server.
  2. If you add appropriate listeners to your jmeter scenario when you replay you can even see the vxml responses.

Heres how a scenario from a very simple application looks (Just playing a couple of prompts):

SCE Jmeter Scenario

SCE Jmeter Scenario

After recording the scenarios they can now be replayed at wish for example as part of integration test. In the next part I’ll try to digest howto put in test coverage with coberatura, so we get some metrics on how much of our code actually are tested with this approach. Now sadly since SCE does a lot of auto generation I think the process will be partially manual, so we cannot employ a building server like Hudson for this:( If you have any ideas on howto run the SCE auto generation as a MOJO from maven or something please do not hesitate to write. As always comments are more than welcome 🙂

If you are new to jmeter you can read more here, Jmeter site