Connecting to db_cra uccx 8

3 06 2010

So im trying to connect to db_cra on a uccx 8, and it turned out to be a litte harder than expectet. In the cisco documentation the Informix database should be called something like hostname_uccx. In our case our servers are named SERVERNAME-number so the informix name should be SERVERNAME-number_uccx, thats not the case.

Heres the recipe:

Find the real name of the informix server: run this on your uccx CLI:

file dump inactivelog /uccx/log/db/uccx_repl_output_util.log

Go to the last page using SPACE and look for something like this:

2010-05-14 22:00:23,242 - uccxdb.util - DEBUG - getservers processing
2010-05-14 22:00:23,244 - uccxdb.util - DEBUG - getservers: processing line g_poc5_uccx8_uccx group           -               -               i=1
2010-05-14 22:00:23,244 - uccxdb.util - DEBUG - getservers: processing line poc5_uccx8_uccx onsoctcp POC5-UCCX8 poc5_uccx8_uccx g=g_poc5_uccx8_uccx b=32767
2010-05-14 22:00:23,245 - uccxdb.util - DEBUG - The servers are [['poc5_uccx8_uccx'], ['g_poc5_uccx8_uccx']]
2010-05-14 22:00:23,453 - uccxdb.util - DEBUG - Setting property to CTI-JTAPI on poc5_uccx8_uccx

And that’s it. So in our case our server got lower cased and underscored, “poc5_uccx8_uccx”.

If you want you can use the ibm JDBC driver ( and the SQL squirrel (